It by Stephen King- A Review 

I’m not going to lie, reading It was a feat. The book is almost 1200 pages. It took me around four months to finish. Partly because I was working at the time and didn’t have as much time or energy to read as often as I would have liked. Okay now onto the review. 

Overall I really did enjoy this book. I would say it’s a book you’ll probably have to read at least twice to really get a good understanding of it. Or maybe that’s just me. I found it quite confusing especially at the beginning. Once I got further along I was able to figure out how every character and story related. I did still find myself saying “wait what?” every so often. 

The story itself was interesting. Near the end however I found it had a somewhat mainstream aspect to this creature, however since King is so iconic and the story is by no means new I really don’t know if he was the originator of this ‘anything you fear I become’ character or if he was just one of the earlier ones to jump on the band wagon. 

That being said I loved the characters. Although they were never my age in the book I felt myself really relating to them. Especially Beverly and Ben. Now I’m trying to review for those that haven’t read the book and therefore give away nothing or at least as little as possible. Therefore all I’m going to say about these characters is that they were in fact very real. I felt as though King didn’t make them up but instead wrote about someone real. There were such a variety of characters from ‘I’m like them’ to ‘ugh I know them’ kind of characters. I also really liked that these characters were heavily flawed. A lot of authors forget that people are not only flawed but are heavily flawed. This is one thing that made them more relatable and more interesting. 

I did really enjoy this book, even though it took me an eternity to read. There were fun aspects, scary/creepy aspects, loving aspects, cringy aspects and really every other aspect life itself has. King really knew how to make this story seem real. However, the ‘changing fears’ part made It himself unrealistic and therefore for me less scary. Which is my biggest complaint. I personally wasn’t scared reading this. There were a couple of times I was freaked, but never actually scared. 


I heart you, you haunt me by Lisa Schroeder

I love to read, and I try to read every night before bed. Not only do I love to go on amazing adventures and go through crazy situations, but I love talking about the books I have read. 

I have read many, many books. I think on my eReader alone I have read almost 50 books. I am currently reading the Harry Potter series, and no not for the millionth time. This is actually the first time I have ever read this series, crazy I know. As a child I would “watch” the movies but book-heartmy attention span really only lasted an hour, if that.  I am enjoying the books quite a bit actually. I may take a break to focus my attention on another book then jump right back in so I don’t get bored of just reading about this one world. My attention span may have gotten longer with age, but I like variety in my books, I actually stay away from series sometimes because of this. 

I planned to use this blog as a way of getting my thoughts and opinions out about what I’m currently reading and talk about how much I am enjoying reading the book, or hating the book. Since I started this blog in the middle of a series I think I’ll talk about a book I know very well and have read a few times. In other words, a book I really enjoy. I have chosen to do this because I read the first few books already and have forgotten a lot of detail, and therefore won’t be able to fully comment on it. These books are crazy thorough, I think I’ll be reading them a few times before I fully grasp them. 

The book I have chosen to talk about is, ‘I heart you, you haunt me’ by Lisa Schroeder. This book is not a very long one, not only is it under 300 pages, but it is written in a very poetic fashion, in which full lines aren’t very often used. I actually really enjoyed this. It adds a unique emphasis on certain words, it is also a lot of fun to read. It is
nice to have a book that doesn’t take a long time to read, it is a go-to reread book. I have actually read this book a few times now.  

The storyline itself is also amazing (I won’t spoil it I promise), it is about a girl whose boyfriend dies, and who feels she is being haunted by him. See I justbook-open
explained the title. Without giving away too
much I will say that it is a very cute, but amazing story. It is very inspirational, and helpful if you’re getting over the loss of someone. The main character herself was very relatable, especially for a young woman, or even young man. The story of her love and loss was a great one, and was written very well. I would recommend this book if you haven’t read it.